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Company History
Soreano's Plumbing was founded in 1946 by Gayle Hatfield at 2821 S. Jackson in Seattle.  The company was named Hatfield Plumbing and Heating and was later incorporated in 1950.

Lou Soreano began working for Gayle Hatfield in 1952 and soon became the most requested plumber by Hatfield's Plumbing customers.

Lou was like a son to Gayle Hatfield and when Mr. Hatfield was ready to retire he offered to sell the business to Lou.  In 1967 Lou purchased the business and changed the name to Soreano's Hatfield Plumbing.

In 1973 Lou Soreano moved the business to the current location at 3704 S Ferdinand st in Columbia City.  The business continued to grow with the addition of a showroom and the company's exceptional reputation.

While growing up around the family business, Lou's son Ron learned everything there is to know about plumbing and how to run a successful plumbing business from his father.  Ron purchased the business from Lou in 1996

We have since dropped Hatfield from our name and Sorean's Plumbing continues to thrive as it has since 1946. Soreano's Plumbing remains under the Hatfield Plumbing and Heating Corporation.

With Ron Soreano's leadership we strive to grow and change with our customer's  needs and we continue our long history of providing exceptional service to our customers.  We take great pride in our excellent reputation with our customers and peers in the plumbing industry.  
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